Can Manhattan Beach absorb 791 new housing units?



Santa Monica Beach

Los Angeles County faces an affordable housing crisis with the County courting hoards of affluent new arrivals at the expense of the long-term residents who have historically made the County work. "Luxury" development is up and affordable housing development is down. What's the solution?

Current leadership thinks adding over 791 new units to already fully developed beach communities, such as Manhattan Beach, is the way to go.

You know better! 

This proposed development will add 791 un-affordable units to the beach communities and will make already congested streets impassable

The South Bay would become a version of uber-gentrified Santa Monica or Venice.

Wouldn't the project to develop 791 new units work better in under-developed areas? Wouldn't job creation in those under-developed communities also help remedy the affordable housing crisis? 

South Bay residents are already mounting an appeal.

Vote for a leader willing to say "no thanks" to development that threatens to destroy the architectural and cultural fabric of existing communities. 

Vote for Desiree T Washington for Los Angeles County Supervisor

Desiree T Washington