Professional Experience

Desiree T. Washington is a licensed California attorney. She is a former prosecutor with the State Bar of California, and a former public relations intern for the City of Chicago under the late Mayor Harold Washington. She currently practices business law in the private sector, representing individuals in business and real estate transactions, and consulting with mid-to-large-sized businesses in meeting their large eDiscovery Project Management needs. She regularly manages teams of 30 or more workers to meet high-stakes litigation goals.


Desiree T. Washington obtained a Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa, College of Law, where she specialized in jurisprudence and civil rights, and where she was appointed research assistant to Professor Kenneth Kress.

Desiree T. Washington received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago, where she majored in Medieval and Early Modern History, with a minor in the ancient world. She also became an Andrew W. Mellon Undergraduate Fellow while studying at the University of Chicago.

Most recently, Desiree T. Washington has worked as a contract attorney for large law firms, providing substantive legal analysis, managing teams of 25-30+ attorneys in matters of productivity, workflow, quality control issues, and managing general human resources.

Desiree T. Washington believes her professional experience makes her uniquely qualified to represent Los Angeles County residents. She represents new leadership, ready to meet complex challenges with the aide of technology, youthful vigor, creative force and moderate values.